No one can do everything, but we can all do something.

Sex slavery is alive and well in the world today, and is in fact a booming business. Pokhara in Nepal is the area in which this is growing fastest at present, where approximately 15 to 20 thousand innocent, uneducated village girls are taken from their homes and sold to become sex slaves across the border in India.


The girls are taken from their families on the pretense of a better life by becoming employees, or even wives, to wealthy Indian businessmen.  This does not happen.  They are kept as prisoners  in Nepal and physically, mentally and emotionally tortured until they will perform as required when trafficked in India as sex slaves.  They range in age from about 12 to 25. An Adventist minister, Pr Rajendra, became involved in rescuing girls after 2 daughters of one of his church members were taken.  That was over 18 months ago and hundreds of girls have been rescued since.  Many are counseled and rehabilitated, eventually returning to their own families and villages, but some cannot. Some Hindu village people fear bringing a curse to the whole village by accepting these girls back, so Rajendra gives the girls a new home – The 3 Angels Safehaven home, where the girls are loved, cared for and educated.  They gain skills to equip them to not only have a better life but to also educate others to be aware of this horrendous business.


 The girls learn of the reality of God’s love and their lives are completely changed for the better. 


In mid-2011, Charlestown Church responded to an urgent need expressed by Asian Aid to fund the purchase of a new home for the Safehaven girls.  Originally we thought we were working towards purchasing land to build a new home, but the home adjacent to Rajendra’s was to be auctioned and it was exactly what was needed. We were told $150,000 was required, and God touched our hearts to respond so that we had exactly what was needed to bid for the home.  After a series of incidents that were nothing short of miraculous we purchased this home (one of the best in Pokhara) for the girls and as some extra funds came in they provided the means for all necessary renovations, repainting etc. There is much more to the 3 Angels in Nepal with them also running a school, numerous children’s homes for orphans and community health care programs. The school opened in May 2011 and currently has over 200 pupils.  The majority of these students are orphan children – many rescued from brothel communities where their future would have been grim.  The girls would have become prostitutes at age 12 and the boys pimped or sold for body parts.  They are now receiving a quality education in English as well as Nepali.
 There is a waiting list of wealthy Hindu children hoping to be educated at this school (in the new school year) as a good English-speaking education is highly valued.  Eventually these full fee paying children will help fund the school. Rajendra understands the power of education.  He is originally an Asian Aid sponsored child, orphaned at 8 years old and now with degrees in both business and theology.  However, Rajendra  also understands what large impersonal orphanges are like, and aims to provide smaller homes for the children where they are brought up in a ‘family’ of no more than 12 children with loving, devoted house parents. Asian Aid’s support of these projects ensures every dollar goes to the children; it also means all donations are tax deductible.  The needs of the school and the homes are growing faster than the funds are coming in so all donations to 3 Angels projects in Nepal are extremely appreciated and greatly needed. In late November this year a group from Charlestown Church are visiting Pokhara with the aim of running worships, games and having fun with the Safehaven girls and the children at the 3AN homes and school.  We also hope to do any jobs they would like to have us help with such as possibly building a basketball court or repainting the school.
 There are so many areas of need in the world but this one has touched our hearts and we intend to make a difference.  No one can do everything, but we can all do something. If you'd like to help in any way, please contact Robyn Raymond or comment to have your support forwarded.  Much thanks to the Raymond family for their help in creating this page.


How can we help?

We at Charlie ran a human auction at the Charlie Hall on the 21st of April.  Many fantastic humans with a remarkable range of talents were sold to raise funds for the children in Nepal.


Also, in a brave decision, Brendan Wilson, Tyson Hilder and Sir Johnny English (aka Jonathan Holder) also consented to have their legs waxed for this great cause.  We raised several thousand dollars, and a generous thanks to all who participated and contributed!  More information can be found on the Facebook event page...



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