Church Directory

This is a list of contact info for Church leaders.  Please note that phone numbers are not included for privacy reasons, and should you require further contact please email the required person or refer to the Blue Book for more details.

Pastor: Pr Bob Bolst (Mobile: 0412 282 483 or email:

Leading Elder: Jeremy Luchow (Email:

Head Deacons: Lance Nilsson (Email: & Michelle Guy (Email:

Sabbath School Superintendants: Colin and Leanne Fair (Email:

Prayer Ministeries: Bev Hopper (Email:

Worship Coordinator: Sallyanne Price (Email:

Youth Ministeries Coordinators: Elijah & Leanda Roussos (Email: or

Women’s Ministeries Team: Debbie Beamish, Katrina Love, Thelma Wawrzonek, Robyn Bashford, Margaret LaDruu

Men’s Ministeries Leader: Kendall Holmes (Email:

Hall Custodian: Gavin ‘Possumbuster’ Hill (Email:

Church Clerk: Tania Martin (Email:

Church Treasurer: Paul Felberg (Email:

Bulletin Editor: Serita Nilsson (Email:

Website Admin: Bradley Martin (Email at or Facebook)


Church Calendar