Kyampisi Childcare Ministries Fundraiser night


We recently held a fundraiser on the 16th of March in the Church Hall at 7pm to support Kyampisi Childcare Ministries in Uganda combat child sacrifice. There were mountains of hotdogs eaten as well as all sorts African jewellery, bags, t-shirts sold. The Youth auction went spectacularly, with thanks to Michael Youlden, Nicarlia Finch and Justin Walker who generously offered to donate 2-3 hours of work. What will the money do? KCM will have the resources to bring awareness and stamp out child sacrifice, as well as transport Allan, a child-victim of an attempted sacrifice, to Australia for critical neurosurgery. The BBC recently filmed a documentary on Allan, and Channel Ten's news-and-current-affairs program The Project are also flying over at the end of February to highlight the issue.  More information can be read below, or you can contact Nicarlia Finch. Thank you for helping change the lives of these children! In Uganda child sacrifice is becoming more popular. A project called KCM (Kyampisi Childcare Ministries) is involved in supporting children who are victim of child sacrifice and bringing awareness to prevent child sacrifice. Child sacrifice is still a relatively common practice by some witch doctors in Uganda; the belief is that spirits will take the child’s body parts and in return bring prosperity, wealth and success. Allan is a little 9 year old boy who was a victim of child sacrifice. He was castrated, then struck in the head and neck with a machete in an attempted decapitation. Allan survived but suffers from a brain damage that causes weakness and sensation changes to one side of his body. He is also missing a large bone flap from his skull, so his brain is vulnerable to damage from even the smallest mishap. Pr Peter Sewakaryanga is a pastor with KCM fighting to stop child sacrifice. Pr Sewakaryanga operates a community where these children can be supported, and through a collaboration with individuals from Australia, has organised for Allan to have neurosurgery in order to place a metal plate in his head for protection. This surgery will happen at the John Hunter Hospital as soon as they can come to Australia.

Games Night and Rawlicious Competition

Our first social for 2013 was a games night, which featured table-tennis, boules, pool, 500 and a great barbecue. But also, the Rawlicious food competition drew a strong spread of food created with no cooking and only raw ingredients. Let's just say, our Church definitely displays a lot of, ahem, raw talent in the food department... Thanks goes out to Kathryn and Kendall Holmes for hosting the night, as well as all the competitors, tasters and judges in the Rawlicious competition!




Jonathan's Farewell - Olympics Remixed

To celebrate and commemorate our Student Missionary for 2011-2012, Jonathan Holder, we held our own Olympic games. There was great food and mighty amounts of pavlova as we celebrated Jonathan's fantastic year in Australia. Jono, you will be missed by all of us!


Thank Goodness You're Here! Revisited

The recently held Thank Goodness You're Here! social was absolutely fantastic and was a lot of fun for everyone involved.  Some photos of the night can be found on Facebook. The contestants included Pam McDonald, Elijah Roussos, Francine Bell-Mills and Jonathan Holder. Many thanks go to Lance Nilsson and the social committee for another great night! 


Happy Days 50's Night

Our Happy Days social was incredible, with swingin' live music by the Peter Dixon Band and many local acts and authentic 50's food (think hotdogs, curly fries, milkshakes) raising money for the 3 Angels Mission in Nepal. Some great photos of the night can be found here on Facebook.

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